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Kids and Youth Social Center - Visit Ghana with Emerge Expeditions

Ever heard of "Ghana"? Well this is it.Come explore it together with Emerge Youth Center!


Why Travel with Emerge Youth Center?


Emerge is a youth center for all ages of youths and a place where they come together to socialize, learn,explore or get help.During your stay,you get the opportunity to mix up with the youth(they will be like so so happy), Teach them your culture whiles they teach you theirs and also introduce them to play new games and new dances or even cook together..this is the most fun part.

Ghanaians are friendly and welcoming. When you are here the most common word you will hear is "AKWAABA" meaning Welcome. There are some few steps you need to take before arriving in Ghana.

Visas must be obtained prior to arrival and are required by all except nationals of the members of ECOWAS (West Africa)You cannot get a visa or entry permits on arrival at the border or airport. Visas can be extended once in the country. Visa requirements can change at anytime. It would be a good idea to contact the Ghanaian Embassy in your area too find out latest requirements.

Also, you will need to have a Yellow Fever Vaccination and remember to bring your health certificate which shows you had one because this is checked at Customs. You are also advised to consult your doctor well in advance of your visit so that you may begin the usual anti-malaria treatment. Check that all your other vaccinations are current.

The official currency is the Cedi. Its is also advised to bring Visa Electron cards with a pin number so you can use the ATM machines. You can also bring foreign money like US Dollars or travelers cheques which will be accepted by some hotels, merchants and taxi drivers.

Traveling in Ghana is an amazing adventure but can be tricky. Emerge Youth Center can make this trip a very enjoying and worry-free one. Contact us on emergegroups@yahoo.com

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